Brevard County Horseshoe Club League


The Brevard County Horseshoe Club conducts league play all year long at two locations Wickham Park in Melbourne and Stradley Park in Cocoa.  There are two league sessions a Spring League and a Fall League.  The Spring League runs from January to June and the Fall League runs from July to December.  The leagues are sanctioned by the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association and you must be a member of that organization to participate.


At the end of each league session a tournament is held in which members compete for the top positions.  The over-all winner of the Fall League tournament is crowned league champion for the year.  In addition, the top finishers in both tournaments receive prize money.  In conjunction with the tournaments the club provides free snacks and beverages for the entire day.


League play at Wickham Park starts at 10:00 AM on Wednesdays and Sundays. Pitchers must arrive sufficiently ahead of time to register and pay the $3.00 entry fee.  All entrants are then randomly in a group of five or a group of three pitchers.  All participants then pitch four games (count all format) of forty shoes each.  Handicaps are used and added to each players scratch score to determine the winner of each game.  Wins are important, since for every win the person receives $1.00 at the end of the league.  Ties are awarded $0.50 for each tied game.


League play at Stradley Park in Cocoa is conducted in the same manner. However, play starts at 6:00 PM on Tuesdays.  There too a pitcher must arrive sufficiently ahead of time to register and pay the entry fee.


During each league session records are kept for each individual.  These data are recorded:


  Wins, losses and ties

  Win %

  Total points per game

  Average points per game

  Shoes pitched

  Ringers thrown

  Ringer %


This data is re-calculated after each day of league play.  Results are posted on the Brevard County Horseshoe Club web site.  Ringer averages are based on the total number of ringers and the total number of shoes pitched during the league.  The results are reported to the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association, at the end of the league, and become part of the NATSTATS data.  Each time a new league is started the averages are started over with no carry-over.


Handicaps are calculated as the average of the three high actual scores out of the last six days pitched.  Days in which fewer than four games do not count.  The number for each day of play is determined by subtracting the average points for the four games from 120 and multiplying by .9, thus giving as 90% handicap value.

When starting a new league the handicap is carried forward from the previous league until the player has pitched three days.  Then the handicap is adjusted to the new value.


Each month the player with the highest four game handicap total for the month wins a prize of $25.00; new players must have pitched at least 12 games to be eligible for this prize.  This is to reward the accomplishment and to encourage all pitchers to do their best.  Juniors are not eligible for this prize.  The winners for each month is posted on the Brevard County Horseshoe Club web site.


New pitchers are always welcome and an individual may try the league one time at no cost and without having to join the Club or any association.